The History Of Video Poker

The first time when video poker appeared in the world was actually in 1891 when a gambling machine was brought to Brooklyn. This first poker gambling machine was created by the Sittman and Pitt Company and it wasn’t, of course, accompanied by any electronics.

Instead, it had only five drums that included 10 cards each. It’s safe to say that this machine attracted a lot of people and it was also one of the best gambling machines that were designed to help people play their own games without using a dealer.

In order to play a game players had to drop a coin in the machine and the drums had to spin. Once the drums stopped their spinning, the cards would be revealed.

The First Video Poker Games Were A Hit!

These first games were very popular at their time and you could find them in bars, as well as other places where people gathered. The winners usually won things like cigars or drinks instead of real money as they do nowadays.

The video poker machine is highly influenced by the way the slot machines look and operate, so a good step in their history is surely the time when the first slot machines were created. This happened in 1898, when a person named Charles Fey developed the Liberty Bell. This was one of the first machines to bring cash prizes to winners.

The same guy then brought an improved machine to the table that included a Hold feature. This particular Hold feature is what tends to make most poker games very unique nowadays.

However, the main appearance of a video poker unit was back in 1970 when some smart individuals gathered and created a video poker machine by combining a TV screen with a central processing unit.

The main popularity began to spike in the 1980’s when people that were frightened by the unfair odds at the poker tables started playing on these machines. When they saw that the odds were fair, then the video poker machines quickly became fan favorites.

Video poker machines are stepping up with technology and new, more advanced features are added to them all the time. In addition, vintage video poker machines have a wide collector base due to the fact that they look and work great even after decades of running each and every day. This is impressive from a mechanical standpoint and surely shows us the value of such machines.

Nowadays the video poker machines are replaced by the Internet casinos. Instead of keeping such a machine in our home, we are able to play that same game on a computer. While it might not bring the same feeling, it does bring a good variant to the overall experience.

It’s up to you to choose when and how to play, but it’s safe to say that video poker is a great game and shouldn’t be passed up by any casino enthusiast.

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